When Truth Becomes Fiction & When Fiction Becomes Fact! Angel Style…

EJ Thornton
5 min readMar 14, 2021

I wrote a book a while ago called Angel On Board. It is a fictionalized version of real life events. Many of the angel stories in Angel On Board really did happen. Since its publication, fans have asked me to recount the real stories that inspired the book, because they are also quite fascinating.

Once you’re aware — angels are everywhere!

Angels have always been around me and my family and so there are even more real-life angel stories that we have experienced. I’ve often wondered if I was weird — experiencing so many incredible coincidences (which is what everyone else called them). But once Angel On Board became the sensation it did, I started receiving letters about other people’s angels and their stories. I opened up the space for a safe conversation about amazing stories, and so many people told me theirs…

Angel On Board — Real Life Stories was many years in the making. I recently found the first request I ever wrote to someone asking them for their angel story dated 6/1/2001.

One of the authors working with me, named Sue Scudder (medium and author of The Voice Across the Veil), had been able to reach my late brother John and he had a couple of messages for me. The first was that he loved me. The second was that, ‘I could always recognize him in the sarcasm.’

John loved good sarcasm in life, so that fit. If there was a good pun, or an interesting way to say something, he was always there! So, when Sue said, “I could always recognize him in the sarcasm,” I knew just what she meant.

A little later the same day, an e-mail request came in from my website asking to be notified when Angel On Board — Real Life Stories was finished. My husband and co-owner of Books To Believe In is the one who received all the Internet correspondence and forwarded these requests to the appropriate person — in this case, me. After he forwarded it on, he added, “Do you think you’ll ever finish that book?”

I didn’t think much of that at the time. It was a bit out of character for him to say something like that, but I dismissed it at that point. It ran around in my consciousness for a while however. A few hours later, I called him on it. I asked, “Why did you say something so snide and sarcastic to me.”

EJ Thornton

EJ Thornton is an author, and a book publisher who is also a champion of the environment. Her books are both spiritual and practical in nature — lots of fun!